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Tai Chi MartialArtForm is proud to serve the local community, and beyond. We’re committed to not only providing balanced mindful classes but also quality of life.

Live classes in UK: Hampshire, Berkshire and Wilshire.

"Empty yourself of everything and let your mind become still"

Lao Tzu


“My balance and breath has improved.”
“My legs feel stronger, co-ordination is better, and I am less stressed.”
“Reduced stress, relaxed muscles and body and better balance and

therefore able to stand for longer.”
"My tremor disappears"
“Thank you Kate, my joint pains  dissipate.”


Use my Zoom classes or download classes via this site within the store.

Free trial class. 

6 week courses @ £7 per class. Discounts for more than 1 class a week.

Winter Term  2021: from November 1st 6th - December 11th

Classes listed on the class page below

Please communicate with me, if you have any questions. 07562655877.


Returned June 2021, with COVID-19 restrictions.


To announce 2022.

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Tai Chi

The Full Story

Tai Chi is a sophisticated art form based on martial arts. We can utilise Tai Chi to improve health and energy derived from essential Tai Chi principles. Using 24 Forms and a practice based on the Sun style of Tai Chi, Tai Chi For Health is easy to learn, effective and safe. It aims to improve flexibility, muscle strength, increases heart/lung activity, aligns posture, improves balance, and integrates the mind and body.

Mindfulness and relaxation of the joints can be achieved through steady progression and perseverance, ideally practicing daily.

The Daoist Philosophy of Lao Tzu features in my practice as the artform of Tai Chi and art.


Class bookings

You choose to book either live classes in a hall as a group (with safe distancing), or zoom online classes or a combination of both.

Please book online via the bookings page, BPay or call me to discuss direct debit or cheque.

Returning Monday 1st November 2021

If you do not belong to a club please book with me directly.


As a member of Nuffiled Health Newbury, David LLoyd Newbury or Inglewood Spa Kintbury, Parkinson's Group the class will be part of membership and you will have to book directly through them.

Please see all class times on the class page.

Nuffield Health, Racecourse View, Newbury, RG14 7PN - 01635 569944

David Lloyd, Monks Lane, Newbury RG14 7RW - 01635 927710

Inglewood Spa, Kintbury. RG17 9AA 01488 682298

Corn Exchange, Newbury - 0845 5218 218 

Tai Chi for Parkinson's Group - 07413 605937,

 ZOOM Works though any internet browser and installation of the Zoom software will be included in the lesson meeting invitation.

We run events, workshops and creative classes. 

Please message me with questions.

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How does Tai Chi work?

Every week the class includes warm up and cool down exercises as well as a progressive form

that evolves over a 6 week period. Every week adding a new form into a flowing group of

movements to complete the group of six and this will enhance everyday quality of life.

Mindfulness and relaxation of the joints will be achieved through progression and perseverance.

Giving you part of a whole 12 step form. The first 6 forms are taught as the first group and following

6 classes as form 7-12 continue as a second block. Either or both can be repeated indefinitely.

Please take note of which form we will be teaching every week and ideally come for the full 6 week group.

Teachers often instruct to focus the mind, controlling thoughts and emotions. Re aligning mind and body.

This can be considered to be related to a higher state or awareness.

Over time one feels the sense of chi or energy moving or circulating within the body.


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Next Term: November 1st - December 10th:


11:40 - Tai Chi - 24 Forms - Nuffield Newbury, 01635 569944

13:30 - 36 Forms, Thatcham Parish Hall, RG18 4JP

14:30 - Tai Chi Sun Style Forms 1-12, Thatcham Parish Hall, RG18 4JP

15:30 - Tai Chi 24 Forms, Thatcham Parish Hall, RG18 4JP


11:40 - Tai Chi - Any ability - David Lloyd, Newbury RG14 7RW - 1635 927710

12:45 - Any ability - Inglewood Spa, Kintbury, 

14:15 - Any ability -Westridge Studio, Highclere, RG20 9XS


09:00 - Sun Style - Zoom

10:00 - 24 forms  - Zoom

13:30 - Tai Chi & Qi-Gong - More experienced - Corn Exchange, Newbury - 0845 5218 218

15:00 - Tai Chi for Parkinson's Group - Bowlers Arms, Wash common RG14 6TW

Book - 07413 605937,


12:30 - 36 Forms - Zoom

2:00 - Tai Chi - Any ability - Zoom/Corn Exchange, Newbury - 0845 5218 218

15:30 - Tai Chi - Any ability - Sun Style - Nuffield Newbury, 01635 569944

18:15 - Tai Chi - Qi Gong - Jubilee Centre, Kintbury. RG17 9TU


09:00 - Tai Chi 24 forms - Jubilee Centre, Inkpen Road, Kintbury. RG17 9TU

10:15 - Tai Chi Beginner Form 1-6 Zoom

11:15 - Tai Chi Advanced Form 7-12 


Qi-Gong - Wu Wei


A day workshop to provide joy and relaxation. (Optional half day)

whilst discovering your creative potential.

Qi Gong is a Chinese practice of body posture

and movement, breathing, and meditation used

for the purposes of health, spirituality, practiced

standing or seated as necessary.

We will be responding to Harp being played by

Eleanor Prout. Whilst using Chinese brushes,

charcoal, inks, and many local natural materials.

Mark making, observation and responding to a

given subject and environment, technically and



Workshops to look forward to 2021.

Qi-gong and creative awareness workshop. For any ability.
Using natural elements to discover or restore your creative self.
Releasing physical and mental blockages to gain energy and open the gates of your creative self.
Mark making, looking, responding to a given subject and environment. Experimenting with materials.
No experience necessary.

Using Chinese brushes, charcoal, inks, and many other local natural materials.

Working on paper and adapted local materials.


Zoom and Live classes available.


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